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My Testimony

At the age of Four the Lord saved me by His grace;at the closing of vacation bible school one afternoon.At the age of Eleven I finally was baptized,and at the age of Thirteen the Lord used circumstances in my life to bring His word to me personally.I’m thankful that God brought his word to me when He did for He sheltered me from a lot of woe.Since I can remember the Lord has given me a heart for missions. I’m eagerly seeking for what He might have me to do!I can see the Lord’s hand day by day in my life through daily events.I’m thankful it is nothing I have to do,because He has already done it all for me by his underserved marvelous grace.


About lamentations3

Hello there, my greatest desire is to use my love of writing for the Lord and to hopefully be an wittness,encouragement and a blessing to all that read. May God richly bless your day!

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