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What do you do?

In chapter 36 of Isaiah we read of a threat to king Hezekiah and what he does about it,but then in chapter 37 it comes again and we see what Hezekiah does ( and what this post is about.) and when he received the letter he read it and went up unto the house of the Lord (and spread it before The Lord. And prayed unto the Lord.) So many times when I receive something I don’t like I seem to always desire to go to others then the Lord,When the Lord should be first!I’m not at all trying to say that seeking christian counseling from others is wrong,but when it is put before the Lord that is wrong!God knows all the solutions to every matter,even when they seem hopeless,we just have to be listening to Him.The Bible says in Psalm 37:7 Rest in the Lord and wait patiently for Him… I once heard a preacher preach; why settle for going to a fellow servant,when you can go straight to the Master? May God richly bless your day in Christ.



About lamentations3

Hello there, my greatest desire is to use my love of writing for the Lord and to hopefully be an wittness,encouragement and a blessing to all that read. May God richly bless your day!

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